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Important Dating Lessons You May learn from some amazing black movies

Hollywood flicks that have an onus on black people certainly teach a lot of interesting lessons to those looking to explore the interracial dating segment. These movies teach us about falling in love, getting over a broken relationship and learning how to forgive. When you connect these movies with real life scenarios, you realize how things have changed over the years and how well you’ve aligned to these changes. In this article, we discuss about the most important lessons you may learn from black movies:

The Wood – Never forget your first love

The story revolves around four men growing in California. It shows their affairs as well as sexual conquests. However, a major part of the story emphasizes on the love story of Alicia and Mike who happen to fall in love during High School. Their puppy love fizzes out by the time they get to post – graduation but their memories come rushing back when they see each other at a Wedding.

Brown Sugar – The love of your life should also be your best friend

The story revolves around music journalist Sydney Shaw and her best friend Dre Ellis. They share a very strong connection and lean on each other during professional drawbacks or heartbreaks. The story shows the kind of impact that friendship plays on lasting love. A lot of people end up friend zoning people close to them thereby sabotaging their chances of landing up with the love of their life.

Love and Basketball – To go after the person you want

People often hesitate to confess they're in love thinking out it as a mere infatuation. This story of breakups, makeups and attempts to move on revolves around Monica and Quincy. Monica decided to fight for her love no matter what is takes and eventually ends up winning the guy’s heart. It is Monica’s fearless battle for her relationship that should motivate you to pursue dating.

Love Jones – You cannot have casual sex with someone you like

Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley convince themselves that their connection is purely physical when they have sex for the first time. However, over a period of time the two fall in love with each other after failing to fight their attraction towards each other. The ‘No Strings Attached’ relationship is only for those having a strong heart.

While people watch movies purely for the entertainment they provide, they end up having greater impact than anticipated. Each of the movies mentioned above have something to teach – a lesion that would play a role in your search for the perfect match.

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