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Interesting dating rituals from around the world

If finding the right partner and communicating with her/him was difficult according you, you'd be surprised to read about the many rituals around the world. Yes, you read that right. In many parts of the world, dating isn't just about finding a potential partner, asking her/him out for coffee and proposing for marriage. Based on customs and traditions, things tend to get a little complicated.

Grains of Love: There is a unique annual festival celebrated during spring, known as the Sisters’ Meal Festival. Men are given a bowl of colorful rice by girls whom they're interested in and this is where the answer is hidden. While Garlic means she isn't interested, two chopsticks mean you're in. Besides, if you find just one chopstick, she means to say a polite thank you.

Garbage Wedding: Here, we are literally talking about trash and garbage. In Scotland, the couple is covered with all kind of trash and paraded around town. It is believed that any couple that can survive this would be able to deal with anything thrown at them.

A private investigator: People belonging to the elite section of the society in Japan choose matchmaking services to find a life partner. But these services do more than just help people in finding a companion. They're also known to perform background checks on the individual as well as members of their family.

The best dancer gets the girl: There is an African tribe known as Wodaabe, where men participate in a dancing ceremony called Gerewol. Men perform for a female audience during this festival that lasts for about a week and women then choose the right partner.

The manly aroma: Legend has it that it was customary for men in many European nations to stick handkerchiefs under their armpits. They were then asked to wipe the face of the woman whom they were interested in with that piece of cloth. It is said that women would fall in love with the man’s scent. Sounds disgusting, isn't it?

Lease a house: In ancient Egypt, when a man and woman liked each other, they moved into the same house, which symbolized marriage. They didn’t need any person’s permission to do so nor did they have to legally get married.

It goes without saying that dating was certainly not easy in those times. Nevertheless, with the advent of online dating sites, you can not only connect with people of the same race as yours but also those outside your race. Thanks to the inception of interracial dating sites, this is now a reality. All you need to do is create a comprehensive profile for free and get the ball rolling.

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