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Things you shouldn’t say to your black girlfriend

Interracial relationships are certainly not the easiest to maintain. A little mistake or slip of tongue can wreak havoc in your relationship. When you're a white man looking for a black woman, you'd have to be a little more careful while interacting with her. Given the fact that the blacks and white did not share a great past together, the sensitivity of the issue is a notch higher.

Dating experts that have dealt with interracial couples claim that men and women tend to speak a few things when angry that may ruin the relationship. Although you might not find the comment offensive, your companion would consider that as an insult to her race. Below is a list of a few things that black women wouldn’t like to hear from her white companion:

I am not into black girls but you're special: While you might be giving her a compliment, she would consider it as an insult to the people of her community. It makes no sense to include her entire race into a common bracket and make her feel special in the crowd.

Can I touch your hair: If you’ve been dating black girls, you'd have understood how sensitive they are about their hair. Never bring up that topic. If you haven’t dated a black girl before, you now know what shouldn’t be done. In fact, avoid bringing up anything pertaining to her hair.

Where are you from: It isn't necessary that she is a foreigner just because of her skin color. A lot of blacks are born in America. This is a stupid question that deserves to be yelled at.

Have you ever played basketball: Being black doesn’t mean that she has to be a basketball player. She might like badminton or laws tennis. If you believe in stereotypes, you'd certainly ruin your relationship in very less time.

Why do black artists have different hairs than yours: You couldn’t have asked anything worse. Once again, you're stereotyping and assuming that all black people are the same. Artists have personal stylists and they can get their hair colored at any time.

You don’t need sunscreen: Really? The purpose of a sun block isn't to prevent you from tanning. It primary advantage is to counter balance the harmful impact of ultraviolet radiations.

Do you love rap music: Just because you’ve seen a lot of black rappers, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend should go gaga over rap music. She might have personal preferences when it comes to choice of music. Comparing her to stereotypes isn't beneficial in any way.

Remember, every individual is different from another. You cannot compare her with stereotypes and expect her to give an explanation every single time.

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