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Top 10 reasons why black women prefer dating white men

The trend of black women dating white men has caught up not only in the United States but in various other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, since the interracial laws were scrapped in the USA, people started to accept interracial dating and began seeing true love as something that is beyond color. Here are a few other reasons that gave impetus to white men black women dating:

1       White men have family values: Having been raised in well – educated families, they know the importance of family values and stick to their families.

2       They are not as likely to commit crimes: While this is a subjective trait, stats show that black men commit more crimes in the United States.

3       They are well – educated: White men are more likely to be degree holders from top American Universities and have specialization in a specific domain.

4       They respect women: Black women consider women to be breadwinners. This is certainly not the case with white woman that did have good support from their fathers during childhood.

5       They know the value of money: White men follow a largely analytical approach when it comes to making large investments. They consult experts before taking any major decision.

6       They take care of kids better: Although this might not be true with the present generation, they were certainly not considered as great fathers about 50 – 60 years ago.

7       They aren't dependent: They are highly qualified, have immense family support and have decent jobs. Therefore, they earn enough and are mentally stable to take care of themselves as well as their families.

8       They never glamorize ignorance: The ‘thug life’ isn't something that they are aspired by. White men know exactly what manhood means and strive hard to achieve it.

9       They don’t take everything as a challenge to their masculinity: Unlike black men, they aren't threatened by the superiority of a black woman in terms of education or finances. In fact, they consider it as an asset to the family.

10       They don’t dwell in the past: They know you for what you're today and don’t care about your past. This is exactly why you'd have seen white men dating their friend’s exes.

Black women have seen men in their family and understand that this isn't something they'd like to face in the future too. Therefore, they prefer dating a white man and ditch black men altogether. It has been observed that a lot of educated black women prefer dating a white guy as it gives them the opportunity to explore something new and better that would make life better for their families as well.

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