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What do celebrities have to say on interracial dating?

Interracial dating is certainly more than just a trend. Men and women from across the globe are looking to date a person from a different race in order to get a different perspective on life. Although this isn't regarded to be every person’s cup of tea, interracial dating sites have done a decent job by encouraging people to try something out of the box. Today, a lot of people in the United States and other parts of the world are open to the idea of interracial dating and don’t hesitate to be friends with individuals belonging to different racial backgrounds.

Celebrities too have explored the idea of interracial dating and they certainly seem to be enjoying it. Here is what some of them had to say about it:

John Mayer, who is one of the most loved actors, has been very open about his relationship with actress Jessica Simpson. He claimed that his relation with Jessica Simpson was pretty good and there were no problems on her being black. They seemed to get along really well and difference in cultures wasn’t really an issue.

Actor Dennis Rodman who is a black enjoys being in company of white women. He has also gone ahead saying that he has being asked by his fellow fraternity about dating a black woman but he has an affinity for the white. He mentioned that he was not accepted by the black community when he was young and it was the other race that showered him with love.

Actor John B claims that black women are sexier and seductive. They are also amazing in the bed and love having fun. He has had multiple relationships with black women and feels that they make great companions.

When it comes to actress Lindsay Lohan, she believes that she is a favorite among black guys and many of them have also tried contacting her over phone and asked her out. According to media reports, she was reportedly in a relationship with rapper Eminem. Linsday is a white blond who has had a number of black boyfriends as well.

Kanye West has commented that video mixing would just not be possible without racial discriminations. Having married Kim Kardashian, he claims that his perception of the world has changed drastically. He is now the father of a baby boy and the couple is expecting their second child soon.

Actor Duan Chapman has claimed that he loves being in relationship with black women. He does not care if the woman is a Mexican or black. His son was recently in relation with an African-American model.

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