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why do women of all races find western guys attractive?

According to a study conducted by a leading matchmaking company, 43 percent of women from all over the world find guys from the West more attractive. So, what is it that white men have and others don’t, which makes them so desirable among women hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds? The answers below would surprise you.

  • They are well – educated: It has been observed that women from across the globe want their kids to get a great deal of guidance from their fathers. This is why they seek a companion that is highly educated. While you would find scholars and rich men in other communities as well, the relative percentage of educated men hailing from countries like the United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom are high.

  • They aren't poor: Well, not every woman wants to date a millionaire or billionaire but she would certainly expect him to fulfill basic needs such as food and shelter. It is a well – established fact that the average annual income of an Asian or a person belonging to any African nation is very less when compared to that of an American or a Canadian. Women that are open to the idea of interracial dating, don’t think twice before making a choice.

  • They have family values: Unlike Asians that spend a great deal of time working and making money, or Africans that hail from broken homes, men in the west have seen their parents spend quality time with them. They also know that having a family is a thing of great responsibility and you'd have to be prepared for that before getting married. Besides, they don’t always view women as mere sex objects and strive to imbibe these values in kids as well.

  • They're great in bed: A lot of women that were fine with the idea of dating a guy from the west confessed that they were great in men. We are not sure about whether or not this is true scientifically, given the massive population of India and China, but this is what women have told in the survey. In addition, it is also worth noting that no Asian or African country has made it in the list of the most sexually satisfied nations in the world.

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